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un_chienandalou [userpic]

(no subject)

February 20th, 2011 (11:19 pm)

Some people like to feel the weight of the world
They like to hurt
And anyone who is not hurting is viewed to be insensitive little beings
They believe that the only way to sympathize
With all that is wrong in the world
All that suffer injustice, hunger, poverty, disease
Is to remove the happiness from their lives altogether
Because feeling pleasure is neglecting the pain that exists there
Because finding one own's happiness is ignoring another's saddness
And so they hurt themselves
They force themselves to be completely aware of everything wrong
Fantasizing what should be right
They make it impossible for themselves to see the beauty out there
They don't believe beauty exists
But beauty does exist
In equal amounts as ugliness
And love does exist
One doesn't have to hurt so badly to feel love
No matter how much you hurt
Hatred exists in equal amounts as love
And they think, how can one feel happy in times like these?
One doesn't know how to feel happy without being sad
And vice versa.
So all those young angry punk kids out there
Who are feeling the weight of the world
And the injustice of society on the under privileged
The ones who act out to prove a point
Don't neglect the beauty that exists out there
You're not going to save anyone being so angry and so sad
Be compassionate
Be passionate
Be hopeful
Be peaceful
No better way to say "FUCK YOU SOCIETY"
Than to smile in its face and live on

un_chienandalou [userpic]

(no subject)

February 17th, 2011 (08:40 pm)

Last night I dreamt
The world was in a post-apocalyptic state
And I lived with my brother and
A young girl who addressed herself as my cousin
Though no such cousin exists for me in real life
We lived in the basement of a crumbling building
It was a cozy set up
Sleeping bags in one corner, a table, a dresser
I was going out to collect some food and necessities
When I saw my cousin sitting cross legged on one of the sleeping bags
"Why doesn't the smell go away?" She asked
I looked at her and said "What smell?"
Again she asked "Why doesn't the smell go away?"
I walked closer to her and saw brown stains on her pants
She had shat herself
So I lifted her up by one arm and brought her to the dresser
Where I gave her some clean clothes and told her to wash up
Then I left
I collected some canned foods and things
And eventually found myself in a book store
I browse the shelves of burnt books
Hoping some books had survived
As I stood in front of a shelf rocking back and forth from foot to foot
A group of young men surrounded me
"DYKE! YOU FUCKING DYKE!" One screamed
He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the floor
He began punching me about the face
He stood up and began to undo his pants
At that point I kicked him right in the balls
Crawled up and pounced him
I bit him on the arms and began punching him in the stomach
His friends yanked me off him and dragged me outside
Kicking and screaming
Once outside they threw me on the ground and began kicking me
I grabbed a piece of broken glass and stabbed one in the foot
I jumped on that one and started stabbing him in the neck
This scared the other ones away
I picked myself up and collected my things
I started walking home
I got home and found my cousin standing there
She shat herself again

un_chienandalou [userpic]

A Poem I Wrote to Describe my Love for Tea

February 16th, 2011 (02:22 am)

I drink tea endlessly
It’s somewhat like an addiction
A tea addiction
Green tea, black tea, white tea
Any tea you could possibly imagine
Mmmm Mmmm tea!

And also!
I believe I may have a fetish
Or a romantic fascination
For my tea pot
Curvy little thing
With paint white as snow
And a black plastic handle
I fill it with water and place it on the hot stove
At first the water moves within it slowly
Gurgling just a bit
And then it builds up
Faster, faster, and faster
Until it finally can’t take the heat anymore
It shrieks and blows steam
That’s how a tea pot orgasms

I drink tea several times a day
Several cups those several times
And my friends snicker and sigh
“That girl’s gonna piss out a tea tree”

un_chienandalou [userpic]

(no subject)

January 8th, 2011 (03:55 am)

A few nights ago
I dreamt
That I was standing on a bridge above the ocean
And below I saw several abandoned suitcases floating in the water
So I climbed down to collect them
I pulled them to shore and went along opening each one
Inside one of the suitcases was a fox
He stood on his hine legs and wore a green plaid suit
He was very handsome and romantic
A true charmer
Together we crawled up onto a pier
The fox told me to jump
Below in the water were many jagged rocks
I was afraid
But then the fox jumped up into the air and did a back flip
He landed in the water safely
I jumped and my leg snagged on a sharp rusty piece of metal
Sticking out of a rusty old boat which was stuck upon the rocks
And I bled and bled
The fox said he must go now, but he promised he would come to see me later
So I went swimming alone
I came to a collection of floating houses
Owned by a evil man who stole houses from the poor
I decided I would prank him
I climbed through his window
Inside his house was a long dinner table
And seated at the head was the fox
He had not told me he was the son of this evil man
I felt so betrayed.

un_chienandalou [userpic]


December 11th, 2010 (12:03 am)


If I turn off the lights my existence is gone
If a leave a candle burning
I will fall asleep and awake to my house aflame
And my body engulfed in flames
And surely I will burn to ashes and die
If I die I am going to hell
For all the not so good things I’ve done
And if I’m in hell
The masses above will stare down at me
At my awkwardness, my ugliness, and obesity
And they will laugh silently in their heads
And I will die a little inside
And when it comes dinner time
If I eat, I won’t be just obese, I will be morbidly obese
If I am morbidly obese I will never find love
And if I never find love I will be alone
And no one will have the chance to witness the wonderful soul inside me
Even if I’ve done all those not so good things that will send me straight
To that fiery pit in my bed room called hell
All risen from the candles which I left burning
To defeat the darkness
And ensure my existence

un_chienandalou [userpic]

(no subject)

December 8th, 2010 (10:30 pm)

Last night I dreamt
I was in a large metal machine
That moved like a car
Perhaps it was a van, but I can't honestly say I recall seeing wheels attached to it
As the machine traveled along the road
Near the ocean
A short man with a round face and black hair approached
His flesh was painted white like a ghost
And he wore a dress
He tried desperately to enter the machine
Bashing on its sides with a bat
Stabbing through the metal with his knife
Screaming wildly
He would disappear before he got in
He would reappear in the next city
(we were driving from city to city in my dream)
And repeat the process once more
Each time I was filled with extreme anxiety
Crying, shaking, and sweating
I'd scream at him to go away
And he would scream back
He never harmed me in my dream
But I thought that he would

un_chienandalou [userpic]

(no subject)

December 8th, 2010 (01:21 am)

Last night I dreamt
I lived in a dark dirty city
One such as San Francisco
Full of tall dirty buildings and street art everywhere
My chest was rotting
The flesh blistered, turned purple, and slowly began to peel away
My rib cage was decaying and my bones were jagged, light, and full of holes
Something like drift wood
My heart was deep purple and looked slightly burned
Embarrassed of my disgusting chest I wore a large jacket and held it tightly closed around me
Though sometimes I would forget and it would fall open and I would see my chest again
I drove with my brothers to a building
My step brother disappeared inside for a very long time
My younger brother and I were tired of waiting and went in after him
Inside was a grocery store and tattoo parlor housed under a single roof
I scanned the shelves looking for vegetables to eat
I found some bok choy wrapped in a clear pink wrapper
I bought it for $3
I did not eat it in my dream but kept it in the pocket of my long jacket
At this point my brother, who found the inside atmosphere of this building frightening
Had left the building and was walking along a rusty staircase that wrapped along the outside of the building
I followed him to the top of the building
The roof was flat and covered with fine sand
Below us I could see water. A river or ocean perhaps?
Besides us were several children
With little sticks and wire which they had fashioned into fishing poles
They stood at the edge of the building fishing
And I watched them carefully, afraid they might lose their footing and fall
A woman came out of the building and pulled the children away from the edge
She then looked at my chest
And told me to feel my breasts
"Be sure it's not breast cancer" she said

un_chienandalou [userpic]

(no subject)

November 4th, 2010 (10:19 pm)

I may not always be consciously aware of my love for man
Though I know it exists within me constantly
But what I am always aware of
Is the never ending love for the places I create in my mind
They are grassy, warm, sunny, open
I fantasize about laying on the leaves and branches
My body fixed to the earth and my gaze reaching up to the sky
With my arms and legs
Twisted and bent in all directions
And I am still, like the dead
In times of great misery
I retreat into my mind and take my place
Upon the blades of grass
Beneath the sun
And I breathe
And I die inside
It is the warmest feeling imaginable
And I couldn't be any happier
I regain my trust and faith in my fellow man
When I find he is not there with me
In these places of love
He has given me the space I needed
I couldn't be any happier

un_chienandalou [userpic]

(no subject)

August 28th, 2010 (12:50 am)

A my name is Ada and my husband’s name is Arty. We live in Arizona and we sell Anteaters.

B my name is Betty and my husband’s name is Barnaby. We live in Boston and we sell Balloons.

C my name is Clara and my husband’s name is Caspar. We live in California and we sell Coal.

D my name is Daisy and my husband’s name is Dudley. We live in Dresden and we sell Doors.

E my name is Eloise and my husband’s name is Edward. We live in Ecuador and we sell Electric Eels.

F my name is Fannie and my husband’s name is Felix. We live in Finland and we sell Fire.

G my name is Gala and my husband’s name is Gil. We live in Germany and we sell Gin.

H my name is Henrietta and my husband’s name is Harry. We live in Hawaii and we sell Hope.

I my name is Ida and my husband’s name is Iggy. We live in Idaho and we sell Ink.

J my name is Jane and my husband’s name is John. We live in Japan and we sell Jump Ropes.

K my name is Kayla and my husband’s name is Kurt. We live in Kentucky and we sell Kangaroos.

L my name is Louise and my husband’s name is Lon. We live in Louisiana and we sell Loops.

M my name is Mabel and my husband’s name is Martin. We live in Missouri and we sell Mountain Spring Water.

N my name is Nora and my husband’s name is Norman. We live in New Zealand and we sell Noses.

O my name is Odette and my husband’s name is Orsen. We live in Ohio and we sell Opium.

P my name is Penelope and my husbands name is Peter. We live in Pennsylvania and we sell Pineapples.

Q my name is Qi and my husband’s name is Quincy. We live in Queens and we sell Quilts.

R my name is Rain and my husband’s name is Robert. We live in Romania and we sell Raisins.

S my name is Suzy and my husband’s name is Seymour. We live in Spain and we sell Sun Shine.

T my name is Tabitha and my husband’s name is Tanner. We live in Tennessee and we sell Thumb Tacks.

U my name is Uma and my husband’s name is Upton. We live in Urbana and we sell Unicorns.

V my name is Velma and my husband’s name is Vaughan. We live in Virginia and we sell Velvet.

W my name is Wanda and my husband’s name is Wade. We live in Wisconsin and we sell Water.

X my name is Xava and my husband’s name is Xarles. We live in Xenia and we sell X-Rays.

Y my name is Yvonne and my husband’s name is Yale. We live in Yorkshire and we sell Youth.

Z my name is Zara and my husband’s name is Zeb. We live in Zephyrhills and we sell Zippers.

un_chienandalou [userpic]

(no subject)

July 30th, 2010 (07:50 pm)

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